Since 1994, LoCoco Licensing has earned the reputation of creating artwork that surpasses the competition and exceeds industry standards. Additionally, we have been trusted by brands all over the world to develop world-class artwork. We welcome you to explore our portfolio.

LoCoco Licensing, a leading global Licensing & Design Agency, celebrates 30 years in the Licensing Industry.  Since 1994, LoCoco Licensing, known for such brands as P.D. MORENOANIMAL CLUB INTERNATIONAL, BUREAU ARTISTIQUE, KEITH KIMBERLIN, and its newest brand, MOODLES, has continued to offer its clients innovative and trendsetting art and design collections.

Who We Are

For 30 years, LoCoco Licensing has licensed its brands worldwide in over 70 countries, on over 1000 products, generating over 800 million dollars at Retail.  Peter LoCoco, CEO of LoCoco Licensing said, “We have continued to grow and adapt to an ever-changing and challenging industry.  The relationship we have maintained with clients all over the world since the 1990’s has been a great source of inspiration to our team. In the next 30 years and beyond, we look forward to providing our clients with art and design that stays on trend and meets the needs of our Licensees and their customers”.